[ROM&ND] Dewy-ful Water Tint 5g 8 Color

[ROM&ND] Dewy-ful Water Tint 5g 8 Color

[ROM&ND] Glasting Water Tint 4g 12 Colors

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[ROM&ND] Glasting Water Tint 4g 12 Colors


#01 Coral Mist : A slightly pinkish shade for lively looking lips
#02 Red Drop : The prettiest lip shade regardless of undertones
#03 Brick River : A not too dark or too vivid
shade that looks beautiful in all seasons
#04 Vintage Ocean : Alluring red that goes from chic to vintage
#05 Rose Splash : MLBB rose for cool undertones
#06 Purple Shower : Slightly purple plum shade
which is a must-have for cool winter undertones
#07 Pink Valley : An irresistibly charming pink valley
#08 Rose Stream : Impeccable dried rose with an understated hue
#10 Chija Beige : Natural and soft beige shade
#11 Pumpkin Brown : Moody brown shade with a hint of orange
#12 Omija Red : Deep and watery red shade
#13 Berry Violet : Calm red-violet

Color Option
#01 Coral Mist
#02 Red Drop
#03 Brick River
#04 Vintage Ocean
#05 Rose Splash
#06 Purple Shower
#07 Pink Valley
#08 Rose Stream
#10 Chija Beige
#11 Pumpkin Brown
#12 Omija Red
#13 Berry Violet


How to use
1. Using the tip to apply softly from the inside part of your lips.
2. Apply a suitable amount then pressing your lips together 2 – 3 times.
3. Wait for a couple of seconds!
If you kept pressing your lips when the gloss starts coming out,
it might mess the ingredients that make the gloss layer cannot be fulfilled!

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